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Learn to Joust and more!

With the Imperial Knights you to can learn how to Joust like a pro! Training in various events and even those not seen in most faires!

We train in various events. The Joust, Jereed, Mounted Archery, and Mounted Melee. All to diversify our horsemanship experience and give variety to our audiences.

Jousting and other equestrian events are %90 horsemanship. You just add the extra training for your specific event. 


Jousting Training

Jousting is the most heavy hitting event we have. So the training is made to make sure you are well prepared. The quintain, ring toss, "ride by" fruit cutting, and even on ground falling practice are all necessary. So you can not only practice hitting an opponent, but practice getting hit and getting used to the eventual unhorsing we all face.

Jereed and Mounted Archery

This is probably the best game of tag you will ever play! Armor is not required for these events so you can be as dexterous as possible. We practice mostly by actually doing the event itself. However, we do have targets for shooting and throwing to get you ready to riding and throwing/shooting.

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