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Entertainment Schedule

With a schedule, you'll never miss your favorite performer or event again! This list will be constantly updated to provide everyone an up-to-date breakdown.

April 5th - April 7th

For the fair faire weekend of April 5th - April 7th, we have a fun lineup planned! 

Boffer Fighting Arena

Full Weekend

[Paid Entertainment]

For just $2, you earn the right to either take on the supervising knight or another guest who has paid the same in 3 rounds of foam-sword and club combat! 

Cal & Lindley 

Saturday/Sunday @ 3pm - 6pm

Flight Showcases @ 4pm

Come see Cal, the red tailed hawk and his friend and handler, Lindley, and learn more about his kind -- and the efforts they represent with Heart of Texas Nature Center !

​Equestrian Games & Jousting

Saturday/Sunday @ 2pm & 5pm

Our knights are not just journeymen warriors, but are indeed avid horsemen! Whether its jereed, quintain demonstrations, mêlée à cheval, or jousting -- the imperial knights put on a show you won't want to miss! (Saturday/Sunday @ Game at 2pm & Jousting at 5pm)

Armored Combat

Full Weekend @ Noon & 3:30pm

Watch our armored knights take up arms and battle it out in an enclosed space, in the hopes of preserving their honor, whether its via swords, fists, slams, or any other means necessary! (Saturday/Sunday @ Noon & 3:30pm)

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