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Here you can see all of the exciting and fun entertainment coming to our great festival! From live music and shows, continuous games, to the great spectacles like the Imperial Joust! We have all to entertain you during your time with us! 

Interactive Ocarina Musician and Performer

Also uses ASL when interacting with faire goers!

Festival Days: March 2, and 3rd, March 9th and 10th, 16th, and 17th, 23rd, and 24th, April 13th, and 14th.

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Come see and learn about an ancient art of hunting with these majestic birds!

Festival Days: Every day!

Axe Throwing

Darts, for Vikings

Come try your hand at throwing some axes like a Viking warrior!

Festival Days: Every Day!

Axe Throw.jpg


Turkish Horseback Javelin Tag

A Turkish sport still played today! An excellent way to play tag with javelins!

Festival Days: Every Day!


 True Steel Combat!

These brave warriors train hard to become the best they can be! With schools all over the world, there is no shortage of these brave men and women who compete in one of the toughest sports out there!

Festival Days: March 23rd


The Knights of the Empire

Live Jousting and Equestrian Games

The Empire has gathered the best warriors from near and far to give you a show like no other! 

Festival Days: Every Day!


Medieval Style Gunslinging!

A formidable weapon! Come see how even knights were utilizing guns!

Festival Days: TBD


Horse Archery

Bows and Bridles

A tradition shared by many peoples and cultures. Horse Archery takes skill and accuracy like no other.

Festival Days: TBD


Shoot your Shot

Want to try your hand at being the next Robin Hood? Come and see if you can hit the bullseye!

Festival Days: TBD

Ermagurd Bard.jpg

Bardic Inspiration

Experience thousands of years worth of history and legend delivered to you through song, poetry, interactive storytelling, early music in multiple languages, & so much more!

Festival Days: Closed Show! (Weeks 1 + 2)

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